We are sure you are all struggling, as we are, with the rapid and unexpected changes and challenges presented by the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Everyone feels unprepared for this crisis, and at the same time, we are all doing our best to ensure the safety of family, friends, neighbours, communities and beyond.

More than ever, we need to connect with others. However, that opportunity is being taken from us one minute at a time as isolating ourselves for safety reasons becomes increasingly important. Chelsea Psychology in Nedlands is keeping the office open for face to face sessions. The decision, made by all our therapists and staff, is recognition of the need for you to personally connect and explore the issues that are emerging as we enter unexplored territory.  At the same time, we have put into place many procedures to ensure your safety.

Please let us know if you cannot physically come to the office to see your therapist and we can organise alternative options which may include open-air consultations as well as online Telehealth and telephone sessions.

You can also help us by paying in advance. We will email you an invoice and online payment options the day before your appointment. Please remember to bring in your own water bottle. If you are coming to the office, it’s best to wait downstairs or in the courtyard to adhere to social distancing regulations.  Just let us know you have arrived by texting 0421296688.

Be well, stay calm and breathe deeply, longer out than in.
Above all, be kind to yourself and others.