The Medicare Initiative enables you to receive a rebate when you see a Clinical Psychologist or a Psychologist in a private setting. To qualify, you need a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician, outlining a psychological condition and the treatment required.

You can claim up to 10 Medicare rebates in a calendar year, with a GP review about half way through your treatment, depending on your doctor's recommendation. You can also receive rebates for up to 10 group sessions in a calendar year, in addition to your individual treatment.

The referring GP will write you a Mental Health Care Plan, which you need to bring to your first appointment. The management plan takes time to complete, and so it's best to book a double appointment with your doctor. You can discuss with your therapist whether you need further psychological support at the time of the six-week review. If so, you will need to consult your doctor so you can complete your treatment plan.

You can't use your private health insurance ancillary cover to top up Medicare rebates for psychological services, so you will need to decide whether to use Medicare or your private health insurance ancillary cover to pay for psychological consultations. If you decide not to use Medicare for any of your eligible appointments (for example, while you are waiting for a review by your doctor) you can use your private health care fund to claim rebates.

You can easily claim your rebate online through the Medicare Express app. Find out more at:

Our front desk can offer more information or help with rebates - call 08 93866020.