Child Counselling by Expert Child Psychologists with Years of Experience Can Help You in Perth

If every child had the opportunity to see a child psychologist, our world would raise happier, more productive children through adulthood. If your child’s behaviour is challenging, and you are unsure how to deal with issues he or she is facing, or you find him or her seeming upset, tense, or angry—seek child counselling in Perth. Chelsea Psychology offers Perth child counselling to diagnose and treat your child and assist you with learning how to best sort out issues and approach them in your raising of him or her.

Some of the issues you may not have considered that our child psychologists in Perth can help you with for your child include attentional problems (such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiant and conduct disorder, addictive behaviours (including computer game/Internet use and substance/alcohol use). We can also assist in helping impulse control (like obsessive compulsive disorder and trichotillomania), anger management, depression, grief, anxiety, adjustment challenges, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social discomfort, panic and other phobias.

Chelsea child psychologists in Perth will treat your child, with you or without you in the room, using a variety of techniques, patiently, confidentially, holistically, and with empathy, cheer, and optimism because psychology matters and everyone can be happy.

Chelsea Offers Years of Experience to Help You with Child Counselling in Perth

Chelsea offers years of experience—some of our psychologists have 20 years of expertise—equipped at utilising a broad array of skills. Coping with delicate, complicated psychological issues is best accomplished using skills such as we provide through our comprehensive skill set of tools from talk therapy to hypnotherapy and more. You may find, too, that an obviously painful problem that seems problematic to solve through your own attentive, caring, and loving parenting style would be much smoother to handle with the advice and management from a professional Chelsea child psychologist in Perth.

For example, time is often needed to ease the sorrow resulting from death. Grief can be confusing: People sometimes experience emotions they didn’t expect such as guilt. It’s is a special challenge when dealing with children who usually find it hard to express themselves plainly. We can cut through the muddle and use our knowledge to help them comprehend their emotions, manage the suffering, and enrich their lives.

Chelsea Child Psychologists in Perth Will Work with You

Let us consult with you about your needs, concerns, and desires for you and your child. We can even start with a session via your employer’s Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) if that is available to you and talk to you via phone or online—it’s all confidential. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism and discretion. We offer the highest quality services so that you and your child can better grasp what’s behind human behaviour. We care about the well-being of your child through child counselling in Perth.

Chelsea can relieve distress and dysfunction and promote personal development. Whether your child is pre-school or an adolescent, we can provide the right child psychologist in Perth to simplify your parenting and serve and support your child, so he or she becomes stronger psychologically, heals, and thrives.