Julie Watts, Clinical Psychologist

ACT is a new type of cognitive behaviour therapy. It teaches clients to accept thoughts and feelings with compassion and develop new ways of relating to them rather than struggling with or trying to avoid them as this usually unworkable and leads people to restrict their lives. This enables them to instead focus on what really matters in their lives, what they want their life to stand for and take action towards achieving these valued life goals and living a full, rich and meaningful life.

It has been found to be effective with a wide range of clinical problems including depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain and substance abuse. It integrates the practice of mindfulness. The philosophy of ACT is similar to the serenity creed many people may have heard “Accept with serenity what you cannot change, have the courage to change what you can and develop the wisdom to know the difference.” ACT teaches people how to put this creed into action.