Discover How a Psychologist in Perth Can Help

Any time you have a mental health concern is the right time to seek help, yet knowing where to turn can be difficult. Depending on the nature or severity of your condition, there could be many different recommended approaches. If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of receiving psychotherapy in Perth from our compassionate team of skilled therapists at Chelsea Psychology, you should read on to discover more.

Should You See a Psychologist or Psychiatrist in Perth?

For those struggling with problems related to mental health in Perth, either a psychologist or a psychiatrist may be able to provide assistance. If you are not sure about the difference, you are not alone, as the popular cultural depictions and nature of therapy itself have changed substantially over the years, leading to some confusion.

While there are similarities between psychologists and psychiatrists, there are also some fundamental differences. Essentially, both are different types of doctors trained to deal with mental health issues through a process known as psychotherapy. Yet a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who approaches mental health from a physiological perspective, while a psychologist is a doctor who has studied human behaviour and the mind. Perhaps the biggest distinction is that a psychiatrist can prescribe medication, while a psychologist will instead focus on a variety of therapeutic methods to suggest solutions and provide alternative ways of dealing with problems.

Even among psychologists, there is a wide array of approaches and methods. Finding the right psychologist in Perth may require doing some research beforehand, or one may be recommended to you through a doctor’s referral. Once you have a psychological assessment, a psychologist usually will be able to tailor their therapeutic approaches to your specific needs. Should he or she determine your condition may require medication or medical intervention, you may be referred at that time to see a psychiatrist near Perth.

Scheduling Your Appointment to See a Psychologist

At Chelsea Psychology, we are committed to supporting clients like you at our welcoming location in Perth. Our highly-qualified therapists have a broad set of skills, enabling them to treat a range of mental health issues and concerns facing adolescents, adults, couples, and families. We recognise that the decision to see a psychologist can be stressful, so we strive to make this a positive and optimistic experience where you will not have to handle your problems on your own. Our therapists can provide you with tools and strategies which can help you regain a sense of control and resolve past trauma.

We also offer an Employee Assistance Program for companies and organisations who wish to provide confidential, proactive counselling for their employees. Giving your employees access to quality psychotherapy in Perth may help them to identify and resolve personal concerns which may be affecting job performance as well as address any issues related to productivity or conflicts at work.

Schedule an appointment with us today in Perth and see how a psychologist may be able to provide the compassionate care you need to restore hope and balance in your life.