Somatic therapy is a body-centred form of therapy that focuses on the mind-body connection and combines psychological and physical treatments. Practitioners of somatic therapy use exercises that engage the mind and body to help clients release the tension that may be having adverse effects on their mental and physical health.

Who can benefit from somatic therapy in Perth?

Somatic therapy is a form of stress management that can help individuals with a wide variety of problems including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addiction, grief, and trauma and PTSD. People with chronic pain for whom traditional remedies have not been helpful may also benefit from somatic therapy. It can be used in either individual or group settings and may help many people find relief from their mental health disorders.

How it works

The theory supporting somatic therapy says that the body, mind, and emotions are all interconnected. That means that emotional stress can lead to physical problems. It can even cause small changes in body language and facial expressions. Somatic therapy can help clients develop an awareness of these things and make use of specific interventions that may be able to free them from the stress and pain they are experiencing.

What to expect

Clients who engage in somatic therapy can expect a combination of talk therapy and somatic experiencing in Perth. Therapists help clients recall memories of traumatic events and take note of the physical responses these memories cause. Then, physical techniques such as relaxation exercises, deep breathing, and meditation can be used to help relieve symptoms. Some other physical techniques sometimes used include physical movements and vocal work.

Finding a somatic therapist for stress management in Perth

Therapists can use somatic therapy in conjunction with other treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy. An experienced therapist with training in somatic therapy can often help clients overcome their problems and get started on the path to good mental health. You should seek the services of someone with the right educational background and experience as well as someone with a positive approach with whom you feel comfortable.

At Chelsea Psychology, we are a group of highly qualified psychologists and hypnotherapists who offer a wide range of mental health services in one convenient location. In addition to somatic therapy, we also provide cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, psychodynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, and more. We see adolescents, adults, couples, and families experiencing a variety of issues including substance abuse and other addictive behaviours, behaviour and attention problems, body image concerns, relationship conflicts, PTSD, social anxiety, work issues, and more.

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