Stress is a typical experience for almost everyone in today’s hectic world. External pressures can lead to this physical and emotional response that, at times, can become overwhelming. Counselling is often a great way to address any difficulties a person is having because of high levels of stress and to learn ways to cope with future stress.

Stress is one of the world’s leading health problems. Although it is a normal and healthy response to a legitimate threat, many people today feel stress in response to psychological threats such as job loss or relationship issues or even feeling pressed for time – something that occurs almost daily. The physical aspects of stress include elevated heart rate, blood flow, and blood pressure, among others. Some people experience this stress response several times a day as they encounter workplace issues, a family member with an illness, or even lousy traffic. Over time, the symptoms of stress can lead to physical health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, stroke, and heart attack. More commonly, stress can be the direct cause of headaches, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. It is often a factor in psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Cause and effect

Ironically, stress can be caused by positive experiences as well as negative ones. People can become stressed out even in response to happy events, such as a new job, a wedding, or a new baby. Everyday stressful experiences include losing a job, being the subject of discrimination, changes in financial status, starting or finishing school, and receiving an unfavourable diagnosis. Most people will experience at least a few of these during their lives as well as other stressful events, both positive and negative.

Occasional stress is normal, but when stress is ongoing, it can become unbearable. Chronic stress also contributes to a host of health issues including sleep disturbances, appetite changes, substance abuse, headaches, anger issues, depression, anxiety, less enjoyment of social activities, and heart disease. If these issues are caused by stress, then better stress management can clear them up. However, they can become serious, so it’s vital to seek stress treatment in Perth to learn ways to relax and remain calm even when faced with stressful situations.

Improve your mental health in Perth with Chelsea Psychology

When stress affects your overall well-being or quality of life, it may be time to see a mental health professional such as a psychologist or hypnotist in Perth, Nedlands and the Western Suburbs. Therapy for stress can help you change your thought patterns and behaviours in ways that reduce the adverse effects stressful situations have on you. When your stress is the result of a specific event, such as a divorce, loss, or medical diagnosis, therapy can help address the concern and its effects on your life. Seeking treatment from a psychologist or hypnotist can often help people resolve their issues and reduce the levels of stress they experience. At Chelsea Psychology in Nedlands, we are a team of psychologists with diverse skills and backgrounds to help many different people facing different issues. For help with stress management, contact Chelsea Psychologists in Nedlands today.